Board Members and Administration


Elections are for rotating two year terms. Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in the fall of each year, with Executive being selected by the Board. Maximum number of Directors is 10; minimum 5. Directors may serve a maximum of 3 two year terms.

Executive Assistant - Bev Burke (non-elected, non -voting)

Conductors - (contracted, non voting) 

         Conductors:  Mark Ward  - Gold Band

                            Sam Yamamoto  - Silver Band

                            Josh Davies - Brass Choir


(Board non-voting):

Past President - Rene van de Vendel

* = Elected November 2017 for a two year term.  Others are completing their second year of a term.

President - Liz Piquette *

Vice President - Share Thomas

Secretary - Nicole Stott *

Treasurer - Mark Overes

Equipment - Josh Schultz *

Historian - TBA 

Membership - Hanna Bourque *

Website Liaison - Sarah Petersen

ADC Liaison - Chee Meng Low 

Kim Alston *

Mandy Nilsson *



Concerts and Events

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