Each committee is responsible for a specific area of operations. There are occasions where the area of responsibility overlaps between committees. In this case the committee with budget responsibility will be the committee where the project or activity has its origins. I.e. Pubic Relations Committee does the advertising for a concert in collaboration with the Concerts Committee.

Committees are comprised of members of the Society selected by the Committee Chairman or from volunteers who have indicated a willingness to help the Society and are members. Wherever possible an effort should be made to have committee members from each performing body to provide wide representations on the committee and so that each performing body has a contact with committee operations. In this way a specific person could be appointed to deal with the committee activities as it relates to each band, thus ensuring that committee matters are dealt with in a reasonably timely manner. This will also help distribute the workload of the committee so that no on individual is burdened unnecessarily.

Committee members should be selected based on their desire, or specific skills and on the availability of the necessary time required. Committees should meet as often as required. At a minimum the committee should meet at the beginnings of the business year to review the committee's mandate and plans for the coming year. These plans are detailed in the budget established by the previous years committee and approved by the Board. The committee should also meet near the end of the year to review committee activities and progress during the year and to work on budget recommendations to the Board for the coming year.

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