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Artistic Development Committee


The Artistic Development Committee is a committee of the LCBS   Terms of reference are to be reviewed and updated at least every two years.


The Artistic Development Committee exists to plan and coordinate all musical aspects of the Society including presentations, exchanges, clinics or workshops, and the music library.  The Committee is responsible for any member awards.


The chairperson of the Artistic Development Committee will be an elected member of the Board of Directors, appointed by the President of the Society.  Additional members of the committee will be determined by the chairperson, in consultation with the band conductors with at least one member representative from each band.  The term of service is one year.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To develop and monitor long range musical development goals and objectives for the band.

2. To provide an annual artistic plan for the band to include, number and themes of concerts, band exchanges and trips, and clinics or workshops.

3. Meet regularly to keep the artistic plan up to date.

4. Assess the music needs of the community.

5. Facilitate the selection and ordering of music.

6. Collaborate with other musical organizations (e.g. schools, Kiwanis etc.) to facilitate the bands mission.

7. Assist the Society Librarian with the maintenance of the music Library

8. Determine award recipients.

9.  Make recommendations regarding content, presentation, and staging of performances.

10. Provide and annual report to the Society.

Individual Responsibilities:

Each representative on the Committee is to act as a liaison between the Band Conductor and the Band and the Chairman of the Committee.

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