Facilities & Equipment Committee



March 2000


The facilities and Equipment Committee was established by the LCBS Board of Directors.  The terms of reference were established November 18, 1997 and revised January 2000. The terms of reference will be reviewed and updated at least every two years.


The committee exists to coordinate the activities involved in managing the band’s physical assets.  The committee coordinates the purchase and disposition of band owned equipment and instruments and maintains the instrument rental program.  The committee ensures that the band equipment is transported to and from performance venues.


The Committee Chairperson will be an elected member of the Board of Directors, appointed by the President of the Society.  The Chairperson will select additional members from the membership.  The term of service is 1 year.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1)         To evaluate current programs, policies and procedures of the Committee.

2)         To prepare a budget for the committee, outlining both projected revenues and expenses, and submit this to the Board of Directors for approval as part of the LCBS budget process.

3)         To follow the budget as approved.

4)         The Chairperson monitors the committee budget and authorizes committee expenditures.

5)         Sets up instrument rental contracts, collects fees and maintains records.

6)         Collaborates with the Executive Committee and conductors in decisions regarding procurement of instruments.

7)         Arranges for repair of rental instruments.

8)         Collaborates with the Chairperson of the Concerts Committee and the conductors regarding concert venues and equipment requirements.

9)         Maintains inventory lists of equipment and ensures identification and adequate safe storage.

10)       Arranges for transport of equipment.

11)       Detailed records of financial transactions, Committee meeting minutes, and other documents must be deposited with the LCBS secretary or treasurer as appropriate.

12)       Prepares a summary report for presentation at the LCBS Annual General Meeting.


1)         Meetings are held on an “as required” basis.  The meeting is called and agenda prepared by the Chairperson.

2)         A member appointed by the Chairperson takes minutes.  Minutes are presented to the LCB Board and incorporated into the regular minutes of the society.

3)         If the Chairperson is unable to attend a Board meeting, the President of the LCBS should be informed and the minutes purveyed to the President who can present them to the Board.

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