Public Relations Committee

November, 1999

Lethbridge Community Band Society

Public Relations Committee

Terms of Reference


The LCB Board of Directors established the Public Relations Committee. Terms of reference accepted  To be reviewed annually.


The Public Relations Committee exists to promote the interests and activities of the LCBS and bands within the organization and with the public. 


1.       The Chairperson of the PR committee will be an elected board member who has been appointed to the position by the chairperson of the board. Membership on the committee will include representation of at least one member from each band in the Society. Other committee members will come from the membership.

2.       The term of office for the chairperson will be one year, with an option for a second year within the term of the elections.

3.       The term for committee members will be one year.

Duties, Function and Responsibilities:

1.       To evaluate current programs policies and activities of the PR Committee.

2.       To plan and implement goals, objectives and strategies based on a plan of action and budget which ahs been approved by the Board.

3.       To coordinate with other committees where responsibilities overlap.

4.       To maintain contact with the public and promote the organization via the media and other appropriate communication tools.

5.       To maintain a consistent and easily recognized visual identity in printed advertising.

6.       To complete a quarterly newsletter for membership and friends of the LCBS.

7.       To evaluate the PR Committee's activities throughout the year.

8.       To submit monthly reports to the Board and a yearly report for the LCBS annual report.

9.       To keep the membership and public informed of current and upcoming activities and events of the bands.

10.    The chair of committee will orient new committee members to the organization and committee.


Meetings will be held on an 'as needed' basis, at least quarterly, and will be called by the chairperson. Any member can request a committee meeting.

1.       Committee decisions will be made by consensus.

2.       The Chairperson is responsible for the agenda.

3.       The meetings will be recorded on a rotating basis and the minutes will be distributed to the members and submitted to the Board by the Chairperson.

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