About the Brass Choir

In 2015 once again the LCBS endorsed establishment of yet another ensemble, but this one limited to 'brass choir' music.  Leadership of this group is under Dr. Josh Davies, professor of trumpet at the University of Lethbridge.

This music is traditionally 10 pieces of brass, but this initiative expands to allow for numerous parts to be doubled.  Its first threeseasons have been a great success musically and in introducing many new faces to the LCBS.  This ultimately lead to a formal full ensemble .

 2017-18 Brass Choir



 About Dr. Josh Davies

 Brass Choir does not rehearse on a regular day each week, but rather rehearses on dates confirmed by the conductor.   The Brass Choir performs two to three concerts per year on dates announced, with rehearsals announced and scheduled to prepare for concert dates.




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