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Membership is open to any adult or qualifiying High School student with an interest in learning and playing concert music. Obligations of membership are set out in Society policies and include regular attendance at rehearsals. Placement in bands is subject to a conductor’s review of skill and ability level.

Requirements for Society membership are that all members hold a current membership in the LCB Society which costs $15.00 per year (the "Society Fee"). All playing members must be a Society member and pay Playing Fees as described below:

Voting status is open to those members who have paid Society fees , playing fees and otherwise meet the criteria set out in the bylaws.

Fees for playing with an ensemble are as follows:

  • One Band - $250.00 *
  • Half Season - $140.00 *
  • One Band (Student) - $160.00 *
  • Half Season (Student) - $90 *
  • Brass Choir ONLY - $40.00 *
  • Each additional band - $25.00
  • *all of the above include society fees
  • Conductor - $15.00
  • Honorary member - $0.00
  • Society Membership Only - $15.00 (permits voting at Membership meetings and notices only)

Bursaries for Fees are available in cases of financial need.

Inquiries regarding bursary needs, should be directed to the Membership Chair or to the conductor who will refer the matter to the Membership Chair.

Instrument rentals are available for some instruments owned by the Society.  Responsibility for the maintenance and return of the instruments is an obligation of the renter.

All payments are to be made in cash, cheque or Visa.


GOLD BAND – Wednesdays at Casa CENTRE FOR THE ARTS – 7:30 to 9:30

SILVER BAND – Tuesdays at Casa CENTRE FOR THE ARTS – 7:30 to 9:30

BRASS CHOIR ENSEMBLE -  Thursdays at Southminster United Church - 7:45 to 9:45

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